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What Should the New Egyptian Government Look Like in the Future?

The other day I got into a very interesting conversation with an international acquaintance looking forward after the demonstrations, protests, and riots in Egypt and anyway we got to talking about what the future government should look like in Egypt. Well, first we talked about whether it ought to be a dictatorship or democracy. But I cringe on the concept of a pure-democracy, I rather fancy a republic and representative government set up.

An Outsiders View of Trinidad

This article is an overview of Trinidad and its Sister Island Tobago. Trinidad was a Spanish colony from the times of Christopher Columbus to 1802, when it was ceded to Britain. The country obtained independence in 1962, becoming a republic in 1976. Its government is much like the United States though remains parliament like the Brits. Trinidad is an island country smaller than Delaware but it is very rich in resources such as Oil and Natural Gas. The population of Trinidad and its neighbor island Tobago is estimated to be around one and a half million.

China Has It All – So Far

The policies adopted by China to achieve economic dominance are remarkably similar to those National Socialist Germany implemented for its aggressive territorial expansion. Germany overreached and was devastated. Will China make now the same wager?

Social Networks Harnessed by Protest Movement in Egypt

Protest leaders used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to plan and organize the recent demonstrations in Egypt. They emphasized that they would be apolitical.

New York Times Defends Middle East Chaos and Al Jazeera

Anyone watching the Middle Eastern violence lately has to ask, what on Earth brought all that on? Well, it got quite a bit of nudge from the media outlet Al Jazeera, so when Egypt’s mass demonstration and near riots took place, Al Jazeera not only helped caused it, but created a larger fire storm. The Egyptian government trying to stop the sound and fury had no choice but to pull the plug on Al Jazeera, but they wouldn’t stop.

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