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An Overlooked Cause of EU, UN and US Problems Needing a Biblical Solution

Human wisdom tends to centralization and building big government. The European Union isn’t working well, and it’s an omen for what’s coming under UN control. There’s better information that could help us avoid serious trouble.

Who Is Behind the Bank Robberies

Many believe the Western economies have been hijacked by banking cartels aided by political accomplices. This time the bank raiders are banksters not gangsters. The wealth of many Western nations has been vacuumed up by harsh interest rates and billions in tax funded government bailouts. Accumulative bank interest adds 40% to the cost of everything we and the government buy. A rebellious Greek Prime Minister once decided on a referendum allowing the Greeks to choose between financial independence or Federal Reserve Bank usury. From democracy to bankocracy; the maverick politician was ousted in a coup and a Goldman Sachs director parachuted in. This Wall Street bank is largely held complicit in the mismanagement of the European Union’s failing banking system

Cities Sprawl Higher

The future of urban living is rising, and to ever-greater heights, across the Middle and Far East. It is unclear when the West will catch up.

Terror and the Police Response

Recent terrorists attacks in Paris and elsewhere have provoked concern and discussion on the need for awareness and on the necessity to be prepared for such attacks. The discussions include consideration at the highest levels of governments on the response to such attacks. At a national level police and military services are no doubt taking cognizance of the threats and introducing additional training methods and tactics that will assist in countering such attacks at local and national level. New methods and strategies are called for in the light of the indiscriminate level of violence visited on communities and groups and the terrorist activities require a response that differs from traditional policing methods.

No Cease-Fire For Chemical Weapons

Tens of thousands of Greeks recently protested against their waters being used as a convenient dumping ground for Syria’s chemical weapons. One can hardly blame them for rejecting the United States-led decommissioning plan. It could be a case of too little too late. Most will be familiar with the Palomares incident in 1966 that involved a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber and airborne tanker. The collision resulted in its deadly cargo of H-bombs plummeting to earth. The area affected was covered in fine radioactive dust. Today vast areas of effected land is still off limits. The U.S. never did cough up to pay for the ongoing clean-up. There is no time limit to the effects of chemical weapons. After World War Two tens of thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons were dumped in seas around Europe.

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