15 Signs You’re Losing in Life

The 2011 Tragedies From Around the World

As 2011 starts to reign, people are becoming hopeful that it will be a good year for all of us since 2010 has been a stressful year. In Chinese, the rabbit symbolizes good luck. It is a year where we can “catch our breath” and “calm our nerves”.

A Looming Superpower Clash Triggered by Pakistan

The U.S.-led war against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan has deteriorated into a growing open conflict with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and threatens to rapidly develop into a full-blown war with Pakistan. Signs of such an upcoming clash between Pakistan and the U.S. can already be seen.

Woolworth’s Achieve Guinness World Record For Largest Ever Pass The Parcel

On December 9th 2010 it was confirmed by the Guinness World Records that the world’s largest game of pass the parcel had taken place in London the preceeding day. The giant parcel was passed through various towns and cities in the UK over a two-week tour which covered some 1000 miles along the way.

Egyptian People Gave the World a Lesson in Change

Egyptian people come to give the world a lesson in change. Painful and courageous anger, tenacity in the face of resistance from power, solidarity, geographical benchmarks (Tahrir Square became a place of change) and ideological ones “Mubarak released!” new constitution, new regime, revolutionary slogans already heard elsewhere, the symbols are strong in those moments of profound change, they serve to provide new benchmarks in comfort, to restore hope, and then, fear of the unknown, desperate for the return of the past, and finally release and explosion of an immense joy, beautiful and essential energy for rebirth, heal its wounds and make a fresh start.

Revolution in Africa

Every century bears its own mark of social transformation. It is the law of history; ruled by the contingencies of dialectical opposites. Slavery has been the mark of Africa social interaction from time intractable. Kings form dynasties while the masses are enslaved. The nobles flourish at the impoverishment of the people. At different points in the African history dimensions have changed, yet the matrix remained the same. How can one explain this? The changing dimensions have been driven by two parasitic elements: one from within and the other from without. The first is caused by elements that are part of the dynasty. They are nobles usually socialized into power by the fortune of their parents. Driving by their ambition, they mobilize other nobles like themselves and effect a change in the dynasty. The people are left in the dark; they only live to celebrate the changing dimension of the oppressive dynasty hoping for a breath of fresh air. But what is really there to hope for when they have not participated in the change. This is while they remain enslaved, because the matrix has not changed. The people again become suffocated.

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