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What if History Repeats and China Turns Inward Again?

During the Ming dynasty in China Admiral Zheng sailed his treasure fleet throughout the Atlantic, and much of the Pacific Ocean, as well as, all of the Indian Ocean. But then something interesting happened after that, as Confucianism set in, China turned inward, and the plans to build the ships were destroyed, and the ships were not to sail again. Currently, China is busy going all over the world gathering up resources such as coal, oil, and minerals, etc. and once again it has the world’s largest Naval fleet.

China Clamps Down on Media, Again

China has once again clamped down on local and international media, following the announcement of Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize. Access to international news channels and websites has been blocked and stories of the event are discouraged.

Who Is Julian Assange?

When Julian Assange entered the spotlight a couple of years ago, it was mostly to his whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks. Since Wikileaks started publishing documents, uncovering the ugly face of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the US government and other agencies under its payroll or influence started a concerted campaign to sabotage Wikileaks. And of course, one of the main strategic components of this campaign was to attack its founder, Julian Assange, by any means necessary.

China’s Relentless Advance Continues!

Wars between major countries are no longer fought on the high seas, or on land with vast armies, but in board rooms and markets. It’s now economic warfare that threatens to alter the global landscape, enriching the winners and creating hardship for losers.

South African Internet Use Increases and Digital Media Benefits

Internet use in South Africa is steadily increasing as bandwidth prices come down and more people access the web from their mobile phones. Mobile phones are the biggest factor when it comes to extending internet penetration.

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