15 Reasons Why Finland Is The Happiest Country

Jamaica Gleaner – Jamaica’s Oldest Newspaper

Launched on September 13, 1834 by real-life brothers Jacob and Joshua de Cordova, the Jamaica Gleaner is the oldest operating newspaper in Jamaica and the whole of Caribbean. Jamaica Gleaner was originally named as “The Gleaner and Weekly Compendium of News.” It started as a morning broadsheet that was being published six times in one week.

Soft Gold – India’s First Global Export

David Cameron’s recent visit to India generated much media discussion in both India and the UK. One of the principal topics discussed was Britain’s desire to increase trade with its old colony and now fast emerging economic giant. However in all the discussions no mention was made of India’s first global export, Soft Gold.

Commonwealth Games 2010 – Coming Soon

Before 1978, the ‘Commonwealth Games’ were known as ‘British Empire games’. 3rd October 2010 is when the entire world is going to witness the largest multi-sport event -Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi.

Pakistan Flood Disaster Aid

The tragedy in Pakistan continues to worsen as relief supplies and aid fall far short of what is required. More aid is desperately needed as the potential for millions of fatalities begins to loom.

Child Labour

Child labor is beyond stereotype images of sweetshop and mines, or children working on streets and in factories. Those involved in agricultural activities and working as domestic servants, often as unpaid workers for their families, are overlooked, deepening the roots of the menace. There are approximately 440 million children in India and according to a latest estimate given by various civil society organizations, nearly 70 million of them are working.

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