15 Realistic Micro Habits to Live Better Every Day

Creating Effective Partnerships to Combat HIV Among Young Adults in Developing Countries

HIV is a worldwide epidemic. New global HIV estimates, released by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO), underscore the continued severity of the HIV pandemic.

Iraq and The UN Sanction – How It Came To Be

The United Nations sanction on Iraq started after the Iraqi nation took it upon itself to invade the neighboring country of Kuwait. This was exactly in the 6th day of august, in 1990; which marked the fourth day after their Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Because if the invasion, the united nations security council was forced to pass Resolution 661, through which a comprehensive sanction was imposed on Iraq. A committee was even established to monitor the success of the sanction on the country.

Unique ID Project

About the Project: Aadhar, as the Unique ID project is now branded, is a central mission mode project aimed at creating a national citizen database. First conceptualized in 2003 under the NDA rule as a project aimed at tightening security and immigration. But the UID Authority of today was approved in November 2008 by an Empowered Group of Ministers during UPA rules, with a completely different objective: to help accelerate the process of financial inclusion, the most important political agenda item of the UPA.

Respect Your Enemy

The author, a cross-cultural expert, talks about Bushi-Do (Samurai Spirit) and its practice. When 2 Samurais fight, they bow each other to exchange respects. What was the meaning of it? How it worked and affected Samurai lives in their time? Respecting their enemy had a meaning for them. You can find out in his article.

The So-Called Rama Janma Bhoomi and Decades-Old Tussle Over It

I am sure as a South Indian, people from the western countries, who know something about India and its cultures would have been perplexed to go through the latest news that the Indian Judiciary has handed a land-mark judgment, which the whole country was looking forward with abated breath. Yes – the Rama Janma Bhoomi dispute has come to an end at long last – 60 years after it started, to attract attention of the Indian people as a whole. Before going into the dispute, some brief explanation of the glossary of words involved in the news…

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