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Fair Trade Gold – Fair Prices, Greener Gold

A new initiative has been announced that will allow gold miners in developing counties to sell their gold under a new labelling system of fair trade. A partnership between Fair Trade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is making the initiative possible. Also, consumers are now able to choose to buy fair trade gold the same way they can purchase fair trade olive oil, avocados, tea, or coffee.

Europe Tourism Could Boom From Egypt/Tunisia Unrest

Similarly to the financial crisis, it may not exactly be PC to say that us in the European property and tourism industries are happy about the political problems in Egypt and Tunisia. But it must be said that both of these destinations in recent years have certainly emerged as worthy competitors, as travel costs in Europe continue to increase. As investors increasingly look to the booming Middle East for property investments, cheap developments have been popping up all over Egypt and Turkey in particular, while investment companies and agents sing the praises of these areas.

The Future of the GCC Economy

As European countries implement austerity measures to quell the spread of the Greek sovereign debt crisis, doubts arise about the crisis impact on GCC economies. Despite their strong economic recovery, falling oil prices may make current GCC government spending unsustainable in the medium run. The region’s high dependence on oil revenues may once more prove a liability to its economies.

The Unknown Theory of Superpower

Life cycle ordained phases of life broadly categorized as gestation period, blooming period and decaying stage. In adherence to the principle of universal law of life cycle, the origin of nation states, their consummation to powers and the related downfall provides the distribution trend of powers geographically in each global era. The West and East had taken their share of glory.

Revolt In Egypt

The media is full of news about demonstrations in Cairo. Press correspondents are rushing to Egypt. Is the hidden hand of central intelligence agency behind the goings on?

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