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Festivals in Different Regions of the World

What will be the most pleasing and desirable part of your life while people are in a social gathering with great joy and a cheerful mood? It must be a festival.

Business As Usual – Spy Vs Spy

Once again some Russian spies have been captured here in America and charged with being unregistered agents. Now, word has it that they will be exchanged for about ten of our spies that are being held in Russia. It’s the same routine as was used during the cold war. It’s nothing more then a typical spy vs. spy scenario.

A Swedish Princess’ Fairy Tale Day

The couple celebrated a victory over detractors of their relationship through this union, officiated by Archbishop Anders Wejryd. And a grand victory it is I should say, because theirs was tagged as the biggest and grandest since Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s.

The People Found in Kenya

The people found in Kenya are categorized into forty different tribes. These tribes belong either to the Bantu, Nilotic or Cushitic speakers. The most dominant group is the Bantu and the largest tribe is the Kikuyu.

The Kikuyu’s Economic Way of Life

When the Kikuyu’s original parents Gikuyu and Mumbi came across the slopes of Mount Kenya, they immediately fell in love with the place and settled there. They were farmers and the area was very ideal for this. It is here according to their oral traditions that they were blessed by ‘Ngai’ with nine daughters who got married and got children and expanded to what the Kikuyu tribe is today; the largest tribe in Kenya.

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