15 LIES Entrepreneurs TELL YOU

Why is Bolivia Allowing Itself to Be Over Charged For Military Assets by Pakistan?

Bolivia had reneged on all its obligations, foreign debt, and had nationalized many companies owned by foreign corporations thus, effectively stealing their assets, infrastructure, improvements, buildings, and cash flow. You can imagine how this would make other potential investors sketchy in the future. Indeed it had caused economic decay in their nation, but their leader promised that the economic issues were due to the capitalists.

Business Enterprise – The Key to Change in Nigeria

Rapid enterprise development is clearly the answer to Nigeria’s declared ambition for accelerated growth and recognition as a global economic powerhouse in a time-bound manner. Yet, despite the intent and numerous policy proclamations over the last decade, the growth rate of new businesses has been hardly encouraging. Abuja’s sincerity towards its stated goals has never been in question, or the severity of challenges facing it in doubt; but the level of growth it is looking at is far from achieved.

How to Respond to the Goldstone Report

Anti Israel Bias and discrimination… what can you do? The United Nations fact-finding mission examining Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in Gaza and headed by South African Judge Richard Goldstone found that “Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity.”

Bonuses Under Fire at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit – French Achieve Bonus Regulation

A month ago the FSA issued watered down rules on remuneration, but Lord Turner’s focus was on increasing capital requirements for banks in order to ensure they are better able to weather financial storms. I agree with Lord Turner on that issue, and many G20 members do also, however, bonuses have and will remain a serious bone of contention and in a final communique issued on 25th September, a new raft of rules for implementation by members and overseen by the Financial Stability Board must now be implemented.

What If Our War-Torn World Could Have Peace?

There is only one way for this world to have peace. Without this, wars will continue to increase. As a matter of fact, any other attempt will end up in utter failure. Before we look at the way our war-torn world can have peace, let us examine some of the failed attempts that have brought us to near ruin. Do you want peace? Read this article!

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