Saint Lucia – Are We Going Bananas?

Saint Lucia’s economy took a downturn with the decline on banana sales. Tourism is on the rise but with it comes potential change in culture. Is this the way to go?

China Stockpiling Commodities Over Potential US Dollar Collapse

Owing hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. debt has China rightly concerned, as the long-term performance of the greenback could cost them billions of dollars in losses, as the U.S. dollar loses its value. In response, China has started buying a large amount of raw materials at a fast pace in order to hedge against that real possibility.

Chandigarh Software Exporters Unfazed by Recession

At a time when most IT export units in India are suffering losses due to the slowdown, software exporters from the Chandigarh capital region are bucking the trend. Despite the challenging economic conditions, software exports from Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali have managed to remain steady so far.

North Korea Sanctions – Is This the Right Approach

North Korea missile testing, China accepts new resolution draft, what will Russia do,better still what will North Korea do? will the new draft have any effect? Did the 2006 sanctions have the desired effect, obviously not!

Separation of Church and State in the Philippines

The Philippines has always had a very religious population. Throughout the history of our country, countless religious figures held great roles in driving the political direction of our elected leaders. A few examples would be the induction of the former president Joseph Estrada and his ousting with the EDSA 2 revolution where leaders from El Shaddai and the Catholic Church urged the people’s decision on who to put in the seat of power.

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