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10 Ways Video Games Help People in the Real World

10 Ways Video Games Help People in the Real World

There are many reasons as to why people love to play video games. The advanced gaming software technology has made it even more compelling to join in on the fun with these games. It can be difficult to come across real life adventures plus physical challenges that a video game often provides. When you’re playing video games it gives you a certain kind of stimulation that helps with meeting those kinds of needs you might not get in real life. However, there’s so many other reasons as to why people play video games.

Hand Eye Coordination
Many studies have been conducted about how the hand and eye coordination works when someone is playing a video game. Shockingly, one would think that their hand and eye coordination might get worse but in fact, it was just the reverse. Studies confirm that a lot of the people who play video games have improved hand and eye coordination.

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Playing video games is a wonderful anti-depressant. When your bored and might not have anything to do, instead of becoming depressed you find yourself picking up a video game and playing it. This helps your mind to relax and takes your mind off things. Sometimes all you need to do is give your mind a vacation from the problems it has and one of the best ways to do it is with playing games.

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Problem Solving
Most video games have a lot of challenges that you must complete. Those challenges help people with becoming faster at problem solving. They can work things out and look at things in diverse ways from having to solve the challenges that they had to work out in a video game. This even goes with being able to solve problems in school a lot faster.

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One of the most exciting things that happen when you’re playing is that you can form friendships with people online that play the same game you might be playing. A lot of video games have big forums and chat rooms with fans from those games. On top of this, not only will you find forums and chat rooms but some games let you easily connect to people while you’re playing. You can belong to a gaming community and make new friends this way.

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Creative Thinking
Studies also show that video gaming helps both girls and boys to be creative thinkers. This means they can become creative with anything from drawing to even writing stories. It didn’t matter what the race was or age might be, it just simply helps with creative thinking. How it helps in this area really depends on the person.

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Stress Relief
Playing video games is a huge stress relief. Let’s say you are under a lot of pressure at work or at school. One of the best ways to relieve this type of stress is with playing games. You’ll be amazed at how you start to feel a lot more relaxed. It also takes your mind off things while you’re playing them. You can escape and by the time the game is over, you’ll feel much better.

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Safe Hobby
Video games is also considered to be a very safe hobby. Video games isn’t considered to be passive but rather should be looked at as an activity. People play video games because they enjoy them and for many other reasons. When this happens it turns into a hobby that is safe.

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One of the benefits with playing video games is that some of them allow you to make income from them.  You can play professionally on a team, competing in tournaments for cash prizes, or you can live stream from many sources like, or even post casual or comedic videos on Or you could test, design, or develop the next gen games.  There are many ways to make living playing video games.

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You feel Part of Something
Playing games helps you to feel part of something. You belong to a community of fans and people who have the same compassion for something that you like. Being part of a community also helps with making friends. When you’re part of a community you can also swap feedback and give each other tips and help each other out with the game.

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When you’re playing video games you’ll be amazed as to how it helps with your reflexes. They will sharpen and get better over time. Studies show that ones who play video games their reflexes and being able to make the right decisions is up to around 25% faster then people who don’t play them. Gamers become faster at coming to conclusions and even being able to come with answers to questions.

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These are just a few of the reasons as to why video games help people. There are still so many other reasons as to how they can help. The most important thing is that you find a video game that you love and enjoy doing. Once you find one that you enjoy then you can easily become hooked on it. When this happens you’ll be impressed with how certain skills and talents develop while you’re playing. Don’t forget, you also even get better overtime.

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