10 Video Games Way Darker Than Originally Advertised

Entrepreneurialism – The Answer to Nigerian Youth Unrest

There is no denying the fact that Nigeria has had more than its fair share of national misfortunes. The decades following independence from British colonial rule in 1960 saw this strategically located sub-Saharan nation plunge into political uncertainty and economic disintegration. Non-inclusive policies and a historic overdependence on oil exports left the vast majority of Nigerian’s in abject poverty and appalling human development conditions. The return of democracy in 1999 finally brought with it the promise of positive change, as Abuja announced ambitious plans to reverse its downward spiral in global rankings and effect radical transformation in the lives of its people.

Nigeria – A Mere Geographical Expression

Nigeria is a paradox to many including its own citizens. Nigeria the most populous black nation boasts of rich diverse, colourful ethnic groups and cultures. Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Premier of Western Region of Nigeria has been famously quoted as referring to Nigeria as a mere geographical expression.

Chinese New Year – Create Health, Wealth and Wisdom This Year Using Ancient Chinese Wisdom

This article discusses how to prepare for the New Year – to create a happy and harmonious luck-filled year ahead. It also provides guidance on designing your home using Chinese style and philosophy to create a calm, energizing space for you and your loved ones to live. It discusses Chinese furniture, soft furnishings, the principles of flow and attraction and the importance of de-cluttering.

Africa Cup of Nations

Currently underway in the heart of Africa, Angola is playing host to some of the top teams in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations. From the 10th of Jan 2010 to the 31st of the month, few of Africa’s top teams will be heading it off in a sport that is greatly admired by millions around the world – Football. This year Angola has made all their necessary provisions in the development of their grounds so as to help them cater to the likes of the varied African nations.

Executive Protection – Operations in Yemen

Recently the Yemen police killed two al Qaeda militants that were behind threats which forced the U.S. and European embassies to shut down. Security has been high in a residential area of Sanaa that houses several embassies since before the current threats, with Yemen army roadblocks setup on the streets. The pattern of terrorist attacks are highly violent within the Hadda district of Sana’a, Yemen.

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