10 Video Games Transformations That Will Make You Sick

How Much Do You Know the American Flag?

The flag of the United States of America is, in my opinion, the most recognizable flag in the planet. Big or small, you’d recognize if they are American flags. Stars and stripes — I don’t think anyone would mistake it for some other country’s flag.

Misconceptions About Africa Tackled

Misconceptions about Africa have spread through the west like a wild fire due to what is broadcast and published in the media on a day to day basis. This series of articles attempts to deal with common misconceptions about Africa. I am African and I have dealt with every issue I will address personally.

What Visa Do I Need For an Internship in India?

In India, there are many different types of visa, for example for tourists, businessmen, journalists, and researchers. International interns come to India on several different types of visa: Tourist Visa, Entry Visa, Employment Visa, Business Visa or Student Visa, none of them being applicable to all internship scenarios.

Haiti – Disaster and Opportunity

Much attention has been focused on the recent disastrous earthquake in Haiti. While this is certainly a newsworthy story, there is another one that has not been as widely publicized but that is newsworthy as well, and it is a more positive one.

Chinese Internet Users Vs Chinese Economy

The decline in the number of Chinese Internet users has affected the Economy in China, as the New Economy is propelled by the advancements in internet and any changes in the usage has a direct impact. In the nascent stages, when internet was a new concept, the number of internet users has been steadily increasing.

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