10 Video Games That Were Too Damn Long – Commenter Edition

Musings of an American Refugee in New Zealand

My seven years living and working in a foreign country have given me unique insights into the social and political landscape of my native country. It has been more than a little alarming to discover the US political system is nowhere near as open or democratic as Americans are led to believe.

AFRICA – A Palace of Strangers

Right from time, Africa is noted for her hospitality to strangers. This attitude has encouraged more strangers over the years to either visit on vacation, or settle in Africa for a brief period, but history shows that there is more to it than hospitality.

Expat Living – How UK Businesses Are Setting Up Online Shops in Spain

You have probably experienced a time when you just got sick of walking from one mall corner to the other trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one. If roaming a familiar mall is exhausting and frustrating enough, how much more if you are in an unfamiliar place? The best solution that investors and business people came up with is online shopping.

18,000 Die in Mexico

In Mexico, 18,000 men, women, and children have died violent deaths related to the drug trade during the last four years. This is the equivalent of six World Trade Center attacks. Now the Cartels are killing American Consulate personnel. Border Cities worry the violence will carry across the border.

Flight 447 Plane Crash Reveals Some Insight!

At first there were questions about whether the Flight 447 plane crash occurred by exploding in the air or whether the jet smashed into the ocean below. The Brazilian Navy did find the tail of the jet, which makes it more likely that the jet did blow apart while it was in the air. According to experts, the tail would probably not stay intact had the plane actually hit the ocean.

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