10 Video Game Plots Nobody Fully Understands

Why Developing a Strong Islamic Finance Market is an Important Step For Hong Kong

Islamic Finance is a big new area of interest for banks and financial services. Despite the global economic slowdown, analysts estimate that the market for Islamic assets will grow by 10 to 15 percent in 2009. This area is an important opportunity for banks, particularly in Hong Kong, which has made a point of being an attractive destination for Islamic Finance.

EU Issues Bank Rescue Guidance and Communication

Restructuring and rescuing failing banks has become de rigeur over the last year for governments around the world. The European Commission has issued a “Guidance” on bank rescues which is to be followed until December 31st, 2010 – in that respect it is temporary (and gives an insight into how long such adverse economic conditions are thought to going to be lasting by the EU Commission).

Look to India, China For Next Internet Innovation

The United States invented the internet and has driven the majority of its development and innovation over the past 20 years, but India and China are likely candidates to drive the next generation of innovation given their rising internet user base. The world’s most popular internet sites have a decidedly American slant to them – sites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia all began in the States.

Why What’s Happening On Wall Street, in Iran, and the Rest of the World Should Concern You!

There seems to be the notion that if you don’t have a lot of money, or if you don’t have investments in the stock market, or if you don’t own a home or a car and you just feel like ~ a plain old regular everyday person – this stuff just does not apply to you and it does not affect you ~ WRONG!! Regardless of where you are on the economic level you are still a consumer and everything going on in this country and the world affects you either directly or indirectly.

Japan – The New Birthplace of Robots

Japan is the country that gave the world giant robots, small robots and human sized robots. From the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam to the small tea-making robot maid, Japan’s robotics technology has been pushing the limits of our minds and imagination.

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