10 Video Game Patches That Actually Broke Games

Peace in Congo Requires More Than Just Pictures of Kabila and Kagame Together

On one side, without implying any causal, president Kabila knows what happened to all previous presidents of Congo who attempted to resist the demands of Washington. They all failed and lost their lives in tragic circumstances.

Should You Dance “CHA – CHA” in the Government?

This article reveals my insights regarding one of the most controversial issues in our country, the charter change. For many years, Philippines has been adapting a democratic – type of government. During the regime of former President Corazon Aquino, the government system was amended however the charter wasn’t converted to any other existing types. The system remained as is but certain limitations were established to take limits with the authority and power to the power of the reigning president. But this time, it’s different because the current administration is pursuing a charter change thinking that it would be the answer to the political and economic dilemmas of the country. Nevertheless, I strongly assert that it’s not an ultimate solution.

Thailand – Still in Turmoil

Thailand’s ousted Prime minister Thaksin Shinawtra arrived in Cambodia this week to claim Cambodian citizenship and start his new job with the Cambodian government. The current Thai government that was brought to power by a yellow shirted mob taking over Bangkok’s international airport, must be fuming! Instead of focusing on repairing the country’s economy that was brought to its knees by the airport sit-in, they have instead focused on trying to catch Thaksin, who has been spending much of his time in Dubai since being forced to leave his position thanks to a military coup.

Sanctions on Iran – A Conversation in Shiraz

During my visit to Iran this past April, I observed both the effects of current sanctions and how affluent Iranians bypass restrictions. Later a conversation with an Iranian engineer whose German company produces brake components for trains clarified the problem with sanctions.

China’s Spider Web Central Planning Distribution Model

Those who criticize China may be missing the value of their excellent central planning. Now, some might say China is utter chaos in its growth strategy, but I see some real brilliance there myself. I see a giant “Spider Web” distribution system at the heart of their strategy.

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