10 Video Game Hoaxes That Completely Fooled Everyone

The Problems of Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand Today

Just as modern society is changing, the hill tribes of Thailand today are facing growing social and economic problems. As hill tribe villages once located in remote mountainous areas are brought closer to urban Thailand through improved roads, infrastructure, and technology, this is all having a huge impact on their way of life.

His Holiness – The Dalai Lama

When Sonam Gyatso, the 3rd Dalai lama, met with the Mongol ruler Altyn Khan in 1578, the, grandson of Gengis Khan, he indirectly bestowed the title of Ta-Le (Dalai) meaning ocean. Altyn addressed him in Mongol by the name of Gyatso Lama.

Central Bureau of Investigation Busts Fake US Bank Cheque Racket

Have you received a US bank check lately? How sure are you of getting it cashed? Unscrupulous individuals have been at work printing and circulating fake checks supposedly issued by US banks amounting to millions of US dollars.

The Sick Democracy of Nigeria

Most nations of the world, especially the west, would prefer democracy as an acceptable mode of governance. This is because democracy is a system of government in which people are the government and the civil society decides the trends.

Cabalgata Internacional 2010 – A First Hand Report

We’ve all watched epic western movies featuring perceived hundreds of horses and riders, but a procession of over 300 mounted riders viewed in person is an impressive sight in the modern day, even to the most jaded of western aficionados. Imagine standing by the side of a road as a cabalgata, or cavalcade, emerges from the distant Chihuahan Desert haze in a line that stretches as far as the eye can see down the two lane highway.

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