10 Times JJ Was the Best Character on Outer Banks

New Super Powers After American Dissolution – A Possible “Super Power Portfolio”

United States of America due to its wrong policies and war strategies against countries like Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Russia has destroyed its economy completely. Huge economic loss, unemployment, racism, liquidations, and cost of covering all these things (compensations) have made the economy badly suffer, time after time.

AP Moller-Maersk – The World’s Largest Shipping Company

When you are in the shipping business, you would surely know A.P.Moller-Maersk. This Danish conglomerate is actually the biggest shipping company in the world, particularly in container ship and supply vessel operations. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. But it has presence and subsidiaries in over 130 countries and territories around the world. Right now, the company employs more than 120,000 people. It has been making waves not just in the shipping industry but in global business as well. This year, A.P.Moller-Maersk has been listed as 106th in the prestigious Fortune Global 500, a big jump from being 131st in 2008.

Costa Rica Tops the Polls

Costa Rica was ranked 5th in terms of global environmental performance in 2008 in the annual EPI (Environmental Performance Index) compiled by Yale and Columbia Universities but this small Central American Country is on a path of constant improvement and has now been ranked number one by the Happy Planet Index in June 2009. This index measures the happiness of the nation’s people in comparison to their ecological footprint and Costa Rica was the clear winner.

One Telecom and Business Idea For Ramallah and Palestine

Innovation is a catalyst for change in personal lives, education, how we work, and community life. All are components that may fill a fundamental requirement for continued economic development. In Ramallah there are many challenges to overcome in the journey from the current situation, to being in a competitive pool with other developing and modern countries.

Kazakhstan’s President-for-Life to Chair the OSCE

Forget the fact that Kazakhstan is not, by any generous interpretation, a European state. What about the fact that one of the least free and most corrupt states in the world will be chairing an organisation meant to promote human rights and democracy? Well, we all survived Libya chairing the Human Rights Commission.

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