10 Recent Movies That Surprised EVERYONE

Dining Etiquette Around the World

One of the quickest relationship builders is to break bread with someone. Regional and ethnic cultures place high importance on relationship building around a meal. Understanding the proper etiquette can make this opportunity to form strong bonds with others highly successful. Not understanding can lead to irreparable harm.

International Child Abductions Are a Two-Way Street – US Compliance is Not a Rule But an Exception!

The Sean Goldman case has catapulted the issue of international child abduction into the public eye, particularly in the United States from where the little boy was abducted by his mother to Brazil. The subsequent death of the mother and continued retention of Sean Goldman by his stepfather, a noted Brazilian lawyer specializing in Hague Convention cases has sparked an international controversy between the two countries. Much has been made of the lack of compliance by the Brazilian authorities with the Hague Convention as well as numerous and repeated findings of non-compliant behavior of Brazil and other Hague Convention signatories …

Lithium Deposits About to Put Bolivia on the Map Again – Big Time!

Did you know that Bolivia as half of the known Lithium Deposits in the World? You’ve heard of “ion-Lithium” batteries right? Sure you have, you even own a few, did you know that? They are in your laptop, your cell phone and in all kinds of little electronic devices. That’s a lot of lithium isn’t it?

Indian Food & Beverage Processing

The article is a brief introduction of the Indian food and beverage processing. One may get first hand information on the current situation of fruits & vegetables, fish & meat, dairy and alcoholic beverages processing in the country.

Japan – Unemployment, Underemployment, and Other Financial Pain

Japan is now facing high unemployment, underemployment, and other financial pain. The jobless rate in Japan of 4.8% may seem like nothing to Europeans and Americans, but Jiro and Akiko Sato know that 4.8% in Japan is much higher for structural and cultural reasons.

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