10 Rare Pokémon You Only Had ONE CHANCE To Catch

Spring is the Beginning of Powwow Season

Spring is the beginning of powwow season, with some of the largest gatherings of the year occurring within a few weeks of each other. Each garners thousands of participants from across Indian Country. Both Canadian and Native Americans fill large arenas for these colorful gatherings. There are dancers, vendors, artists, and spectators who attend each dance.

How to Avoid a Rip-Off After a Natural Disaster Such As the Haitian Earthquake

In previous articles I discussed the how and why people use scams after a natural disaster such as the Haitian Earthquake. It is an unfortunate conclusion but many people try to take advantage of anyone they can through any way they can with various scams in order to enrich themselves. How can you protect yourself from these charity fraud scam artists if you want to contribute after a natural disaster?

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Being Taken Advantage of With Donation Requests

You have been requested to donate to the relief effort for the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti. You want to and plan to donate money, but you are confused as to where and how. So far the disaster is just three days old and you have already received 4 different email solicitations all supposedly from either the Red Cross or Salvation Army. You have been contacted in your Facebook account and there are numerous donation requests going around twitter and just now you received a phone call requesting a donation. How can you be sure that the money you donate goes to the organization you want it to go to- in other words, how do you keep from being scammed?

The White House – Stone to Stone

Located in the heart of Washington DC, there is one house that plays home to one of the most reputed families in the United States. Built from stone to stone, it is one of the most secure locations in the US which has housed over a dozen national Presidents and is home to the governing factors of the legislative decisions.

Did Haiti’s Earthquake Damage Extremist Islam’s Foundation?

On Tuesday of this week, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake. The destruction has been widespread and the Red Cross estimates that 50,000 people have been killed. Sadly, that figure could be conservative. Aid organisations and the United Nations have appealed to the international community for assistance. The response has been overwhelming, and planes are being turned away from Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport.

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