10 Perfect Movies That You’ve Never Heard Of

Facts About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most significant of all the Chinese holidays. Chinese people from all over the world unite together in their tradition as they spend 15-day celebration with their New Years. There are lots of feasts, decorations, and interesting symbolism that relates to the history of the holiday and their desire for good luck.

White Australia – Black Melanesia – The Great Divide

There is a growing empathetic gap between Australia and PNG. Up till independence in 1975 Australia had an active patrol officer/kiap program involving young men working throughout Papua New Guinea under our colonial administration. Many of them stayed on after independence, married and became PNG citizens.

Save the World, a Letter to the President – I Think We Must Get Together and See the Light Soon

Save The World? What would you do? Your call, your responsibility? It seems that we, Mankind have fought each other since the beginning of time. Why?

Juan Manuel Santos Wins Colombia Presidency

For nearly all his life, Juan Manuel Santos has been preparing for the Columbian presidency. Having attended Harvard University and the London School of Economics, he served as Minister of Trade, Finance and Defense and was instrumental in making his country safer in light of former rampant terrorist activity. When it came to his presidential campaign, he chose the best political strategist possible – a master of psychological campaign strategy, J.J. Rendón.

Market Brief – What Does a Stronger Chinese Yuan Mean For the World?

China announced that it would allow more flexibility in the exchange rate of the Yuan. It’s as the Chinese finally awoke from a long slumber to realize that they are a first world nation with financial power.

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