10 Movie Myths You Probably Believed

How to Understand Diverse Cultures

Every society today is a blend of diverse cultures. The best example of cultural diversity is the United States where immigrants have come and settled, but they still keep their cultural practices alive through various religious practices, ceremonies and celebrations. If you are living in a country that is multicultural, then it is important to respect other cultures for the overall peace and harmony in the community and society.

Warning! New Epidemic Swept Across Sub-Saharan Africa

A new epidemic has swept across Sub-Saharan Africa. The disease itself is not new, and is actually as old as the human race, but until now it was disregarded by medicine, especially pediatrics. Its common name is Contagious Smilelessness although quasi-contagious or contagious-like smilelessness would be more accurate to name it.

Brazil’s Long Term Growth – Walmart’s Perspective

An interview with Jamey Barbour, Development Director for Walmart Brazil. As the largest retail organisation in the US, the company needs very little introduction – we discuss the 15 year history in the country, opportunities, risks, market idiosyncrasies as well as future plans.

Sindh – The New Epicenter of Global Instability

Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of years, it had maintained trade links with other countries, some of them in far-flung regions of the world. Historians have found evidence that ships carrying merchandise from Sindh regularly called at the ports of Egypt, Java, China and Sri Lanka.

Ahamefule – A Passionate Plea

Africans know what it means to preserve a name and so go to any length in order to achieve that. In traditional Africa, whenever a man takes a wife and in the course of time it was discovered that the woman was barren, efforts would be made to either divorce her to make way for another woman, who would produce children for the man.

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