10 Movie Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

Volunteer Work Abroad

The travel and tourism industry is the largest, and most quickly growing industry in the world, to date. It has been seen, also, that the industry has given birth to new industry – ‘voluntourism’.

Internet Policy and Cultural Understanding

What Americans perceive as “restrictive,” looking at a culture from the outside, might be viewed very differently from the inside. This applies as much to internet policy as it does to something as thorny as political structure and how a government treats its citizens.

Israel – Home Of Innovation

In proportion to its population, except the U.S., Israel has the largest number of high tech start-up companies in the world, some 3,500, and the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies. Venture capitals around the world are cognizant of this fact and invest billions of dollars in these companies. Giant companies such as Google, Microsoft, Kodak, Cisco, HP, Motorola, Intel and many more have large scale research and development centers in Israel.

Why Does Every Country Have a National Flag?

How did flags come to be? All of us have seen world flags, and we can surely recognize at least five. We all know what flags are – they are a piece of women cloth that is often flown from a mast and is generally symbolic in nature.

Living Beyond Experiences

The greatest difficulty man has in learning is experience. Not too many people can really afford to live beyond sheer experience of their immediate environment. Man brain is somehow programmed to learn by experience which involves hearing, touching, and observing the relativity of man and his environment.

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