10 Most Shocking Post-Credit Movie Reveals

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and an Everlasting Feud Between Russia and Japan – The Kuril Islands

Most folks do not know a lot about the Kuril Island Chain. Those in the US don’t often consider the Kuril Island Chain, and rarely hear about it until there is an 8.0 magnitude Earthquake or a Volcano there, nevertheless the islands are known for something else, namely the dispute over who owns that land protruding from the Pacific Ocean. Not long ago, I ran across a post cold war US-Russian relations scholar, Mr. Jesse Giraldo, so I asked him about this issue;

Booming Steel Industry of India

Rich in natural resources, India has been successfully making the most of it in recent times. The gradual growth of the steel industry in the country apparently testifies the fact.

International Geo Politics – Were Does One Start When Studying US-Russian Relations?

It’s not easy becoming a geo-political analyst, no sir, especially these days, there is so much going on, so much to know, and if you blink, it passes you by like a blur. There are no vacations for the truly informed analyst at the top of their game. Even those immersed in the areas of their own expertise, micro-niches, and specialty must know all the inter-active events around the globe which affect where they are.

Raiders Fan Halfway Around the World

American football is known around the world. But who would expect to find a young Oakland Raiders fan on the dusty streets of Kabul near Afshar Hospital? The living conditions are so dire in Afghanistan, this young boy probably doesn’t know who the Raiders are.

Subhas Bose and the Great Escape From Germany to Japan 1943

Subhas Bose was a mercurial leader who had escaped to Berlin to enlist the support of Hitler in the war against the British to free India. But by Jan 43 he had realized that Hitler preoccupied with The Russian campaign could not spare any forces for an assault on India. The Japanese after some dilly dallying accepted to receive Bose in Tokyo.

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