10 Most Annoying TV Plot Holes Ever

Should You Be Learning Mandarin Chinese?

The Chinese language is becoming increasingly important in the global arena after the English Language. Shouldn’t you be enrolling your children on Mandarin Chinese lessons?

Oil, America’s Lifeblood

Until the explosion on Deepwater Horizon, offshore drilling has been proven to be an environmentally safe and efficient means of producing the oil needed to slake the world’s thirst for black gold. If we allow the Gulf disaster, no matter how serious it gets, to become a political football that cripples deep sea production, it will be an act of national suicide.

The European Union’s Plan to Save the Euro

With EU markets in crisis from a double whammy of recession woes and financial worries in Greece, EU financial ministers have united to decide upon action. This article outlines their plans.

Multiple Streams of Income – A Panacea For Economic Meltdown

With the ever growing biting effect of the global economic meltdown on people worldwide, depending just one means of income is not the right way to meet the ever growing daily financial challenges so the way out is to create a multiple steams of income. Here the author discusses the advantages.

Nervy News #5 – Felipe Calderon

It’s common courtesy for a guest invited into someone’s home to be gracious, non-judgmental, and not contumely. Similarly, it’s common sense that the homeowner also not tolerate rude and insulting behavior on the part of said guest.

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