10 More Video Games You Can Never Finish

One Step Closer to Temporary Peace – Lebanon Elections

The Lebanese People seem to have chosen peace over continued conflict and future war with Israel. In a large part thanks to the diplomacy efforts of the Obama Administration, leading up to that election, as Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama all went to open more substantial dialogue with the Arab World. Even someone who does not support the administration needs to acknowledge this brief diplomatic win.

Jilbab – Dispelling the Myths

This attire of the Muslim women has slowly become a symbol of strong assertion of an Islamic identity in the Muslim community worldwide. So much has been discussed and debated about this dress from it being a symbol of oppression subjugating them to will of a male dominated society right down to restricting participation of women in society.

Modern Life of Kola Saami in Russia

Many locals are trying to receive a foreign aid, just as their counterparts in other parts of Russia did. This, however, began to change in official papers their ethnic identity. Also, indigenous people could easily be enrolled in a college. It’s one of the reasons the population of the Kola Saami is not declining as it is truly supposed to be.

Quit India Movement to Banish HIV

The only answer breaking the vicious cycle of HIV/ AIDs lies in starting a massive nation-wide ‘Quit India Movement’ to banish HIV, says Dr Narendra K. Gupta. According to him despite the fact that India has one of the world’s highest numbers of people — over 5.7 million HIV-positive people-suffering from HIV/AIDS patients – sex education remains a taboo in most parts of the country.

Jus Sanguinis – And How to Register For Irish Nationality

Jus Sanguinis is the latin for ‘right of blood’, and is a social policy by which nationality or citizenship is determined not by place of birth, but by having an ancestor who is a national or citizen of the state. The Nationality and Citizenship Act of Ireland allows any person with an Irish grandparent to become an Irish citizen by registering in the Foreign Births Register at an Irish embassy or consular office, or at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

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