10 Insane Things Cut From Resident Evil Games

The Restaurant

I sped over the grooves in the road while my tires tapped an even beat like a metronome. The heat intensified throughout the afternoon and it felt as if I was driving towards the sun. The skin on my arm tightened from hours of direct sun exposure as it hung outside the truck window.

Beyond 2012

At the beginning of every new decade there are predictions of what the world-to-come is going to be like. However with the approach of the new decade this time around, the focus is not so much on 2010, as on 2012.

Security and the Rule of Law For Nigerian Enterprise Development and Revolution

Nigeria’s long history with conflict and bloodshed begins not long after its independence from British colonial rule in 1960. Six years later, Army officers executed the then Prime Minister and two of his cabinet colleagues in the country’s first of many coup d’etats. Political upheaval stoked social fires as religious, ethnic and regional disparities billowed over to create a climate of official persecution and brutal governance. The string of military takeovers continued into the ’90s and until the very end of the last century, when the first peaceful transition to civilian power brought back some degree of normalcy to a beleaguered nation.

Union of Afghanistan and Pakistan

The only solution to the present problem of instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan is in the Union of these two countries based on principles of Democracy and Federalism. In history, Durani Empire was composed of all the areas in which today’s Pakistan and Afghanistan are located, and during the Mughal Empire together they were a single country. In the initial period of the British Empire, they were also the same country.

The Strange Death of a European Visionary

Had one man’s vision not been swept aside by World War Two the geographical shape of the Mediterranean coastlines seen in today’s atlases would be quite unfamiliar to us. Few people have heard of Herman Sorgel. Although he was hardly the first great thinker to champion a united and prosperous Europe he was certainly the most recent and by far the most peaceful.

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