10 Insane Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Egyptian Rights Trampled Into the Sands

In the United Kingdom we have been granted incredible democratic rights with the promise of even more to come. But what about other nations, such as Egypt, where their democratic freedoms are, well, nonexistent?

Super Power Pawn Or Pakistani Political Pride?

It’s hard to say if you follow geopolitics, but there is a lot going on in Pakistan, and although NATO forces are focused in Afghanistan next door, what happens in Pakistan does affect the United States, as well as our other trading partner India next door on the other side and China which borders Pakistan as well. Pakistan is in a very strategic location, and it is a nuclear power, along with nuclear weapons. We must take what happens there seriously, and it is in both in our national interests, and the interests of our allies and neighbors that we are always on good terms with Pakistan.

Great Britain’s Very Own ‘Black Gold’ Fight!

The new Foreign Secretary, William Hague, will have been in office for only one day, and already a storm is brewing on the horizon. This storm takes place close to an old battle zone, in the form of the Falkland Islands.

An Innocent Man

He asked me if I had ever heard the story of the ‘innocent man’. This was a rhetorical question, an attention getting exercise, and he had my attention. We do not have, he continued, the man-power that the American army, or those British fighting forces have.

Swedish Princess Madeleine’s Engagement Confirmed!

The charming Swedish Princess Madeleine, baptized as Madeleine Therese Amelie Josephine is so enthusiastic because of her engagement. The beautiful Madeleine of Sweden is the youngest of the three children in the current Swedish Royal Family. She was born on June 10, 1982 at the Drottningholm Palace in Sweden. The 27 year-old princess got engaged to her lawyer boyfriend Jonas Bergstrom last year, August of 2009.

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