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Three Ways to Help Haiti

On Tuesday, 12 January 2010, a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake struck the capital of Haiti caused serious damage to the poor city. As the strongest earthquake in 200 years, it destroyed the whole city and made thousands of people lost their home instantly, at the same time lose their relatives or their own life.

Orphans and Their Life

This story describes the intricacies how children are treated in orphanages and how what they become and what happened to them. This tells how the child remembers she was taken to orphanage when she was around three year old unable to think what is happening and what will happen in future. She suffers from not only physical but mental trauma.

Somalia – Theseus Paradox

Trapped in fantasy of a political settlement and/or unified statehood, many Somali affairs scholars, policy makers, journalist and politicians seem to be locked in a failing approach to constitute a lasting settlement. This is in part because of their overemphasis on forming a unified, centralized, Somali National Government. It is a fanciful thing to dream about formulating a lasting solution to the protracted Somali crisis, particularly one that calls for a centralized national government.

Regionalism and Alternative Forms of Governance – A Critique on Centralized, Top Down Approach

A close examination of Somali social groups reveals that Somalia is a complex dynamic organism of a system of self organizing assorted groupings. The Somali problem can be reduced (at least conceptually) to a problem of complexity that involves “competition and coordination” by the groups, which could result in order and/or disorder. It is a paradigm in which the people or the clans compete for governing the state (in the case of Mogadishu or Southern Somalia) or establish a convention to govern the states through agreed system (in the case of peaceful northern quasi-independent states of Somaliland and Puntland).

Haiti – Escaping Anarchy With Hope

Haiti is poor; the hard life has tempered them into very strong willed people. When the combined will of a population can be focused in a specific direction, they can move mountains.

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