10 Habits Of Self Made Millionaires Who Retire Early

Ethnic Diversity in Peru

The South American country of Peru is one which can be considered truly diverse. The complicated history of Peru over several thousand years has led to a country which is poor in economic terms but extremely rich in cultural and natural wealth. According to figures from the World Bank (2008) Peru has GDP per capita of US$ 8,507 compared with US$ 35,445 for the UK and US$ 46,716 for the USA.

One-Sixth of the World’s Population – Talking About India

It is quite amazing the incredible innovation and growth that is being experienced in India. It is amazing how the standard of living is improving, the technology is improving, the education is improving, the infrastructure is growing, and the power, strength, and will of all Indians is showing light. What we basically have in India right now is 1 billion humans on the fast track to prosperity, and they are undeterred, committed, and are dedicated to persevere no matter what it takes.

The Future of White – Collar Unionization

Times are changing in India. The evolving free market scenario is empowering the consumer. The consumer is becoming demanding and less tolerant towards the provider not meeting their expectations. A free market economy empowers consumers: consumer wrath becomes ‘the invisible hand’ which brings equilibrium in a disturbed situation. Impediments to consumer satisfaction are razed down by the power of consumer will. One such impediment is a Union.

Could the West Face a Trade War With China?

Our current recession has exposed a lot of bitterness in Europe and the USA, and how to deal with Industrialized China. If the jobless recovery continues in the West, this could create a demand to regulate and bring home industries outsourced to China.

The 8 0′ Clock English News

There is an upsurge of Private Television in India these days. From the days of the national stranglehold on Television broadcasting during the 70s and the 80s to the days where there are almost infinite consumer choices, TV viewership has perhaps taken a back-step in not accurately broadcasting news that is relevant and appropriate.

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