10 Dangerous Things We Do Every Day

Life is a dangerous proposition. From the moment we enter the world it tries to take us out, or so it seems. Germs and pathogens attack us from all sides. We are directed to eat sensibly, exercise, and avoid killers such as stress and unhealthy foods, all in an attempt to preserve our mortal existence for as long as we possibly can. Yet we persistently place ourselves in harm’s way, often without being aware of the dangers surrounding us. When we are conscious of danger we normally guard ourself against it by exercising additional caution. Such a reaction is sensible.

But all too often we are in considerable danger without being aware of it. Some of the most common activities of existence are the most dangerous we encounter on a daily basis. The routine nature of such activities makes us insensible to the harm to which we expose ourselves. Here are the 10 most dangerous things most of us do on a nearly daily basis. Nearly all of them can be minimized with some extra awareness and attention.

This is an encore of one of our previous lists, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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