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Information on the British Crown Jewels

The British Crown Jewels are the various kinds of regalia and vestments that were used by the rulers of United Kingdom. The Crown Jewels include the crowns, swords, rings and many more objects that were used by these rulers for state functions and other important events.

The Whole World to Support Iranians

Democracy and choice are factors that improve our mental health. This is a factor we Iranians are experiencing now more than ever. Millions of us are grieving the loss of our votes for change and reform.

Election in Iran – Deception and Challenge For Our Iranian Mental Health

Mental health is about having peace and choice. It is about having your votes count and being part of. Once again we Iranians are being lied to and betrayed. Once again our mental health is threatened. After thirty years of lies and disruption of our personal, societal, and national identity, we had the chance for vote for change and peace. Now once again we were taken to the mountains of hope and pushed into the darkness of national humiliation.

A Circle of All Nations, a Culture of Peace

Grandfather William Commanda, Ojigkwnong, now age 95, will soon have another vital meeting with officials of the Canadian Government concerning his international vision for Victoria Island (Asinabka). Victoria Island is a jewel of nature, strategically located in the middle of the river that runs through downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, under the shadow of Parliament Hill, where the government of Canada meets. For countless centuries, Victoria Island was a traditional spiritual meeting ground for the Algonquin peoples.

National Budget – Government to Impose 25 Percent Tax on Mobile Phone

In pre-budget talks people were expecting government to reduce tax on mobile phone SIM to reignite the already struggling telecom operators. Telcos also urged government to reduce tax as they subsidized the amount to provide SIM for less.

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