10 Brutally Difficult PlayStation Trophies NOT Worth The Effort

Swine Flu in France – French Locals Hesitant Over Cheek-To-Cheek Kiss

The swine flu in France has effected the country in much the same was as every other country on our small little planet. The swine flu has taken a terrible toll on many people around the globe and it has the potential to cause even more trouble as we flow into the end of the year. Recently, however, there has been a story coming from France that may make you laugh.

MDG and 2020 Goals – Nigeria’s Hidden Potential

In Nigeria, evidence from the 2006 MDGR shows that there is a likelihood of achieving three of the eight goals… A critical barrier to planning for achievement of the MDGS continues to be the availability of up to date data on most of the indicators. This is compounded by the limited funding available for data generation and management1.

IGR and Formalising the Informal Economy in Nigeria

Nigeria has had a tumultuous history, marked by decades of virulent political and civilian strife since its independence in 1960. The oil boom of the ’70s brought windfall profits to the emerging state, but corruption and gross mismanagement blighted economic indicators and rendered the vast majority of its population destitute.

POEA – The Role of POEA to Cut Placement Fees

POEA helps to check if agencies are legitimate, if registered or illegal. It is up to the common Filipino to take the risk of sneaking through the backdoor, unaware of the authenticity of their work papers. It is therefore, advisable that every overseas worker checks all the documentations at POEA before they decide to pursue their plans so they can save a lot on recruitment fees and avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters.

Life in Darfur

The brutal war against innocent civilians rages on in Darfur, Sudan. Hundreds of thousands have been murdered and millions have been displaced.

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