10 Brilliant Characters Trapped In Terrible Movies

Is Russia a Potential Partner For the US?

The overthrow of communism by the Russian people was a historical achievement, but Russia has little experience handling freedom. With respect to the new Russia the US has a choice between a hard line and cooperation. The second option is by far the most promising.

Who Are the “People Before Profit Alliance?”

In Wicklow the question was first publicly asked in the media following a meeting in Arklow, organised by People Before Profit Alliance (Wicklow), at which it was proposed to publicly discuss the decision by Roadstone Ltd to quarry out of existence a coastal headland and landmark Arklow Rock; which dominated the landscape since the Ice Age. The meeting was disrupted in a disorderly and threatening manner during which the organisers were told this was a local matter, and was none of their business and they should go back to where they came from. The town has been vigorously divided on this issue in which Roadstone opponents argue on environmental and tourist grounds for the retention of the rock.

The Value of the Holiday Pound is on the Rise – Good Or Bad Thing?

After several months of deep concern, including a time when the UK Pound sterling rate almost leveled down to parity with the Euro rate, the prospects for holidays in Euro Zone destinations for UK travelers seemed bleak indeed. But this rise in the value of the Pound could still be seen as good news.

Inside Iran, The Real Problem – How it is Going to Be Solved

After the June 12 presidential elections in Iran, confirmation of reelection of President Ahmedinejad by the Supreme Leader Khamenei and his rejection by the opposition groups and demonstrations by thousands on the streets of Tehran and other major cities, the Media have been spending hours per day presenting their observations and the analysis of the situation by many who are considered expert on the subject. But it does not present how the clerics so confidently exert power in suppressing the people and freedom and why the reformers and an overwhelming majority of Iranians are having so much difficulty in advancing their goal of democratization.

The Impact of Foreign Mosquitoes on the Galapagos Islands

A new mosquito is threatening the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Thought to be a “foreign” mosquito, studies released just this month show that the foreign invader may in fact be a native mosquito developing in an unusual way.

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