10 Boss Fights That Play Totally Different To Their Games

Mexican – A Nationality, Not a Race

Mexican is not a race. It is a nationality. There are many people who like to stereotype, specially when it comes to Mexicans. People say things like, “you are not white because you are a Mexican, you are not Mexican because you are white, real Mexicans are not white.” Wrong!

India Will Emerge Eventually

A brief insight into India’s past, its present and the hurdles coming in between the great future that it has. India’s economy is growing in leaps and bounds but it has a lot of detractors, like in the past. How it will overcome these obstacles without aggression is the big question.

Cambodia And Vietnam – Closer Relations

Vietnam is already Cambodia’s 10th largest foreign investor, as well as Cambodia’s third strongest trade partner within ASEAN, and the sixth largest amongst all of Cambodia’s current trading partners. Cambodia and Vietnam enjoy very complementary economies, along with similar consumer demands and habits…

Uruguay Real Estate Experiencing Steady Growth

Uruguay is a place that people fall in love with. The extensive, untouched beaches, old-world charm of capital Montevideo, and warm Uruguayan attitudes towards foreigners all play their part. In fact the most trouble tourists have in Uruguay is when trying to leave!

Triangle Trade With China – A Total Disaster!

Many people point to the incredible trade deficit that the United States has with China. It is true that it is quite unfortunate and most of the reason comes from the reality that China is taking advantage of the United States by not allowing the Yuan Currency to float, or allow it to be adjusted as per its real inflation. Someday many analysts believe China will pay for this economically and it is really an inflationary challenge that they will have to deal with.

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