10 Ambitious Video Game Gimmicks That BOMBED

Indomitable Torch of Reformation

Inquisitiveness is the origin of overall development of the personal as well as the organizational. Consciousness is the base of inquisitiveness.

Global Issues Concerning the Planet – What Can Young Leaders Do?

Our earth is facing a lot of problems due to man’s own foolish activities. Cutting down of trees has led to solid erosion and has increased the level of carbon di oxide in the environment. It has gradually destroyed the natural habitat of animal and other living creatures thus contributing to their extinction.

Desmund Tutu and His Role in One Young World!

The Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu is a tireless campaigner who fought recklessly against apartheid in the year 1990. One Young World, creates next generation of world leaders who would address the most pressing issues affecting our world.

FAQs About Haiti

How much do you know about Haiti? Unfortunately, we oftentimes don’t become familiar with certain countries until we hear about them in the news. While the recent earthquake in Haiti has resulted in massive death and destruction, it’s put the eyes of the world on this small country. Here are some FAQs that may reveal some information you didn’t know about Haiti:

Spanish Fiestas

Spain is Famous for its Fiesta’s. There is no doubt that the Spanish are the most noted Nation for their parties and Celebrations of their rich cultural history and traditions. Here we have put together a list of the best ones in each region. They really are not to be missed and are great fun for all the family.

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